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Integrated Employee Collaboration
and Guest Engagement Platform
Facing Following Challenges?

Staff Shortage

Inefficient Collaboration


Manual Work

Language Barriers

Delaying Service Improvements

Service availability is reduced due to staff shortage.


Service quality is compromised as limited staff manage the same volume of tasks.


Paper-based task management hinders effective information sharing.

Decreased productivity due to inefficient work collaboration.

Guests may feel frustrated as required to repeatedly provide the same explanation.

Massive repetitive inquiries and paper work leaving little room for innovative work.

A steep learning curve for new and part-time staff to handle various tasks.

Supporting  multiple language is challenging with limited staff.

Language barriers contribute to lower customer satisfaction.

Guest rating for hotel services remain undisclosed.

Service improvements remain unaddressed based on customer feedback.

Our Services
Hotelwee is a platform to manage employee collaboration and customer engagement for the hospitality industry.  Hotelwee covers three components; GustNav for pre-stay, GuestCare for during the stay, and Reputation Management for post-stay interactions.
Reputation Management

AI Scores and Dashboard

Hotelwee produces AI Scores and a Dashboard derived from sentiment analysis of authentic guest reviews.

Multiple Language Support

Hotelwee translates and generates customer feedback in 100 languages, allowing hotel staff to utilize or modify the content effortlessly.

AI-generated Responses

Hotel staff can facilitate the generation of responses in 100 languages and seek managerial approval before submission.

AI-generated Improvements

Actionable insights are generated from genuine guest feedback, empowering staff to collaboratively enhance the guest experience.

GuestCare  (under development)

AI Chatbot

AI chatbot enables to respond to repetitive inquiries thus minimize wait times of guests. 

In-Room Orders

By using QR codes, guests enables to order room service at any time.  Meal coupons can be digitalized to reduce paper.

AI Assistance

​AI-powered solution enables to provide the step-by-step process for staff based on the Operating Procedures Hotelwee AI leaned.​

Work Collaboration

Staff can share the tasks, ask questions, and give tips across the team.  Managers can grasp the up-to-date status.

GuestNav  (alpha version)

AI Voice

AI Voice Assistant enables to respond to repetitive inquiries.

It minimizes wait times of guests for 24/7.

Connect to
Front Desk

AI Voice Assistant enables to connect to the front desk when needed


Integrate with
Task Management

Transcribing phone inquiries and integrating into a task management tool, the lead time to response to guest can be reduced. Responses are sent via SMS.

AI Dashboard

Transcribing phone inquiries for AI sentiment analysis.

Actionable insights are provided to help hotels enhance their service quality based on real guest inquiries. 

Impact and Benefits 
Our partners have seen remarkable improvements in operational efficiency, employee collaboration, and shorten resolution time. 

Operational Efficiency

Centralized guest reviews ensure no responses are overlooked.  AI Assistant boosts operational efficiency and enhances service quality.

Multilanguage Handling

AI generates responses in 100 languages.  We will implement browser translation, allowing for direct translation and response generation on the browser.

Team Work Enhancement

Staff can share the tasks and collaboratively participate to the service improvement activities. User friendly screens allow part-time workers operating immediately. 

Effective Improvement

Hotelwee visualize guest reviews as AI scores, the key points for service improvement are immediately apparent. Effective promotional activities can be executed.

Personalizing Services

AI generates personalized responses.  Offering personalized responses helps to sustain and enhance guest satisfaction.

Available 24/7

Hotelwee Reputation Management is available anytime, anywhere, 24/7.


Implementation Steps


Meeting & Demo

Understand your requirements and schedule.  Deliver the product demo.



Sign a contract online.



We will setup a platform for your facility.  Allow us to spend 1 -2 weeks.



Hotelwee is available for use.  Our customer success team delivers a training session.

Customer Support
Our customer success team will regularly assist with your operations.  Your feedbacks will be considered for future functionality enhancements

Contact us any questions by phone or email.

   Phone:  +81-3-6773-5604 



Different pricing plans available based on the size of your facilities.  Contact us to learn more.  Ready to unlock the benefits of Hotelwee in your hotel operations?

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