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AI Reputation Management Platform

Integrate guest insights into loyalty enhancement
Important to manage customer reviews
Post-COVID tourism makes non-technical hotel employees struggle to manage increasing amount of guest reviews in multiple Online Travel Agency (OTA) systems.

High Turnover and Resource Shortage


Increased Workload to Respond to Guest Reviews


Managing the Number of Reviews and Replies is Challenging


More Time for Day-to-day Work and Less Time for Future Improvement


Multi-language Requirement

Solutions in Reputation Management
Hotelwee delivers the easy-to-use intuitive reputation management platform that translates guest reviews into actionable metrics, feedback and tasks.

All-in-one Review Solution

Hotelwee aggregates customer reviews from multiple OTA systems.  Hotel staff enables to connect with customer feedback in a single channel. 

Multiple Language Support

Hotelwee generates customer feedback  in multiple languages.  Hotel staff enables to use the draft itself or adjust the content without the extra efforts.  

AI Dashboard

Hotelwee generates dashboard based on sentiment analysis and identifies which guest reviews to respond.  Hotel staff enables to check the guest reviews in order of priority.

AI-generated Feedbacks

Hotelwee generates feedbacks in multiple languages.  Hotel staff enables to run feedback generation in 10 languages and request a manager approval for submission.

Improvement Identification

Hotelwee identifies and generates improvement tasks based on the result of sentiment analysis.  Hotel staff enables to collaboratively improve the customer experience.

AI Chatbot Support 24x7

Hotelwee provides personalized chatbot support 24x7 in 10 languages.  Hotel manager enables to support their guests in multiple language even during the night shift.

Bring together all guest review and evaluate it with 8 different metrics.

Track your hotel's reviews on major travel sites like RakutenTravel, Ikkyu, and Google. 

The most intelligent AI engine in the market can interpret the connotations of review content

Smart connotation can facilitate quicker recognition of negative and positive words and sentences.

Generate appropriated responses for difficult reviews

Utilizing its AI engine, Hotelwee can produce suitable and proficient draft responses, thus allowing for the faster and more effective posting of replies.

Facing Challenges to Handle Customer Queries?

Not Easy to Maintain

Increasing Workload

Limited Window for Customer Support

Multi-language Requirement

Solutions in AI Chatbot


Personalized customer experience


Multilingual Capabilities


Automate conversation and interaction


Easy to register and maintain Hotel data


24/7 Support

Hotelwee Reputation Management and Chatbot are available for use!
The Team

We are a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, each with unique backgrounds and experiences that come together to create a unified force.

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